Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Party at PFOS

We have returned from market with mounds and mounds of canvases!!!  We had a great time at market and are getting ready for another great time with our upcoming stitching retreat.  It is a party with everything going on!!!  What better way to celebrate a party than with a SALE!!!!  

Our party will start today (Wednesday) and go through next Saturday (October 10th).  Take 20% off IN STOCK canvases, including new canvases we brought home from market.  (Excludes club canvases)  We will do our best to get all the canvases from market posted in the next few days, so please bear with us as we are working to post every one of them.

 Associated Talents EE-451

Associated Talents EE-960

Associated Talents EE-1049

Cooper Oaks JD-4004B

Cooper Oaks JD-4004S

Dream House Ventures DH-3791

Dream House Ventures DH-3890

Dream House Ventures DH-3904

Dream House Ventures DH-3907

Dream House Ventures DH-3909

Dream House Ventures DH-3910

Dream House Ventures DH-3914

Dream House Ventures DH-3927

Dream House Ventures DH-3928

 Dream House Ventures DH-3929

Kirk & Bradley KB-1264

Kirk & Bradley KB-1267

Kelly Clark KCN-1436

Kelly Clark KCN-1437

Kelly Clark KCN-1438

Kelly Clark KCN-1441

Kelly Clark KCN-1442

Kelly Clark KCN-1443

Shelly Tribbey FL-50

Shelly Tribbey H-61

Shelly Tribbey H-910

Shelly Tribbey P-110

Shelly Tribbey P-111

Shelly Tribbey P-119

Shelly Tribbey P-120

 Shelly Tribbey SCO-01 (scissor case and scissors)

The Point of It All Designs HO-05

The Point of It All Designs HO-06

The Point of It All Designs HO-07

The Point of It All Designs I-1A

The Point of It All Designs S-281

The Point of It All Designs S-385

The Point of It All Designs XO-240

The Point of It All Designs XO-241

Don't miss out on the party!

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