Saturday, September 26, 2015

Destination Dallas - Day 1

We have finished day 1 of shopping at Destination Dallas!  See a few things we found -

 Frame Weight - Keep Calm & Scary On!

Snap Tray - The Witch is In

Snap Tray - Pink Tree

Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-373KB

Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-384KB

Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-510

Kate Dickerson ALBSET-02 

Kate Dickerson ALBSET-02, sticks for Joy above

Kate Dickerson ALBSET-03

Kate Dickerson ALBSET-03, sticks for Noel above
Kate Dickerson PL-332

Kate Dickerson SS-157

Lani 1030

Lani 1045-A

Lani 1058-C

Lani 1058-F

Maggie M-1812

Maggie M-1813

Maggie M-1814

Maggie M-1817

Painted Pony DP-LS03

Purple Palm Designs 4405

Purple Palm Designs 4406

Raymond Crawford HO-1125

Raymond Crawford HO-1140

 Raymond Crawford HO-1147

Raymond Crawford HO-1162

Raymond Crawford HO-1178

Raymond Crawford HO-1180

Raymond Crawford HO-1181

Raymond Crawford HO-1182

Raymond Crawford HO-1183

Raymond Crawford HO-1184

Raymond Crawford HO-1185

Raymond Crawford HW-10

Rebecca Wood 465-G

Rebecca Wood 470-A

Rebecca Wood 470-B

Rebecca Wood 470-E

Rebecca Wood 470-G

Rebecca Wood 470-J

Rebecca Wood 470-K

Rebecca Wood 470-L

Rebecca Wood 470-M

Susan Roberts 726

Susan Roberts 1033

Susan Roberts 1229

Susan Roberts C-1044

We have two more days left to shop and will share more pictures of our canvas find!


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