Monday, September 28, 2015

Destination Dallas - Day 3

We have realized there is no way to share EVERYTHING we bought until we return to Lubbock.  But, here it is - 

Yes, we covered a couch -- full of needlepoint canvases, magnets, threads, bags.
We travel tomorrow and will begin posting all our treasures as we check it all in, so be sure to keep watching!!!

Here is a close up look at more canvases - 

Amanda Lawford 21047

Associated Talents EE-951

Associated Talents EE-960

Associated Talents EE-1049

Ann Wheat Pace 727-A

Ann Wheat Pace 727-C

Birds of a Feather JB-901-18

Birds of a Feather JB-903-18

Cooper Oaks JD-4004B

Cooper Oaks JD-4004S

Country Hands Woodworking
Box perfect to hold your needlepoint stocking!!!

Danji - Pumpkins

Danji - another pumpkin

Dream House Ventures DH-3904

Dream House Ventures DH-3907

Dream House Ventures DH-3909

Dream House Ventures DH-3929

Hilary Jean Designs - Dog Station
hole for plastic bags out the top, dog bone drawer for treats, 
holder for leashes, and a perfect area for a canvas!

Hilary Jean Designs Trick Or Treat

Kirk & Bradley KB-1264

Kirk & Bradley KB-1267

Labors of Love LL-242

Libby Sturdy "Uh Oh Santa"

Mindy 3E

 Mindy 38E

Mindy 2272E

Mindy 2386

Pajamas and Chocolate PATT-241C

Pajamas and Chocolate PATT-277

Pajamas and Chocolate PATT-282

Pajamas and Chocolate PATT-283

Pajamas and Chocolate PATT-283B

Pajamas and Chocolate PATT-283C

Patti Mann 11361

 Patti Mann 11592

Patti Mann 11594

Patti Mann 11826

Shelly Tribbey H-910


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