Thursday, September 11, 2014

New & In Store!!!

We have unloaded all our wonderful finds from the Destination Dallas market.  Not only did we find some great NEW canvases, but some all time favorites as well.  See for yourself - 

 Annie Lane Chicken George

 Annie Lane Cow Pies

 Annie Lane Out After Dark

 Annie Lane Red Porch

 Annie Lane Sheep Shoes

 Annie Lane Stand by Me

 Annie Lane Steppin Out

 Annie Lane Three Amigos

 Annie Lane Treat Play Love

 Annie Lane Triple Stack

 Birds of a Feather CC-722

 Birds of a Feather CO-701

 Birds of a Feather DI-511

 Birds of a Feather DI-614

 Kirk & Bradley KB-92

 Kirk & Bradley KB-250

 Kirk & Bradley KB-316

 Kirk & Bradley KB-320

 Kirk & Bradley KB-322

 Kirk & Bradley KB-419

 Kirk & Bradley KB-438

 Kirk & Bradley KB-439

 Kirk & Bradley KB-452

 Kirk & Bradley KB-453

 Kirk & Bradley KB-455

 Kirk & Bradley KB-1153

 Kirk & Bradley KH-93

 Kirk & Bradley KH-141

 Kirk & Bradley KH-143

 Kirk & Bradley KH-144

 Kirk & Bradley KH-146

 Kirk & Bradley KH-232

 Kirk & Bradley KH-235

 Kirk & Bradley KH-325

 Kirk & Bradley KH-334

 Kirk & Bradley KH-389

 Kirk & Bradley KH-421

 Kirk & Bradley KH-423

 Kirk & Bradley KH-424

 Leigh 6282

 Leigh 6284

 Leigh 6285

 Leigh 6286

 Labors of Love LL-306R

 Labors of Love LL-414E

 Labors of Love LL-414H

 Labors of Love LL-414K

 Labors of Love LL-414M

 Labors of Love LL-414N

 Mindy 1A

 Mindy 1L

 Mindy 2342E

 Mindy 2368

 Mindy 2375

 Ruth Schmuff 2300

 Ruth Schmuff 6700

 Ruth Schmuff 6706

 Ruth Schmuff 6724

 Ruth Schmuff 7127

 Ruth Schmuff 8268

 Ruth Schmuff 8270

 Rebecca Wood 28-D

 Rebecca Wood 44-A

 Rebecca Wood 363

 Rebecca Wood 444-C

 Rebecca Wood 1003-B

 Rebecca Wood 1016-B

 Rebecca Wood 1016-C

 Rebecca Wood 1016-D

 Rebecca Wood 1016-E

 Rebecca Wood 1016-G

 Rebecca Wood 1017-A

 Rebecca Wood 1017-B

 Rebecca Wood 1017-G

 Rebecca Wood 1331-E

 Rebecca Wood 1357

 Zecca ZE-73sq

 Zecca ZE-260

 Zecca ZE-265

 Zecca ZE-270

 Zecca ZE-287

 Zecca ZE-296

 Zecca ZE-297

 Zecca ZE-300

 Zecca ZE-307

 Zecca ZE-308

 Zecca ZE-329

 Zecca ZE-330

 Zecca ZE-331

Zecca ZE-332

Even more to come!



  1. Ugh....killing me! I want about 10 of these right now! Ya'll picked some good stuff at market...way to go!


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