Saturday, September 13, 2014

Even more from Destination Dallas!!!

We continue bringing you our wonderful finds from market - both new and all time favorites!

 & More CCLIP-9

 & More CV-111P

 & More CV-114

 Amanda Lawford 4378

 Amanda Lawford 22029

 Amanda Lawford MK-107

 Amanda Lawford MK-108

 Amanda Lawford NB-NC-4A

 Amanda Lawford small cardinal

 Bees Knees BK-608

 Bees Knees BK-609

 Cooper Oaks SWB-1081

 Cooper Oaks SWB-1091

 Cooper Oaks SWB-1096

 CanvasWorks 720-C

 CanvasWorks PO-58B

 DC Designs DO-139

 DC Designs DO-142

 Artist Collection DG-102

 Artist Collection DG-201

 Artist Collection DG-203

 Artist Collection DG-301

 Artist Collection DG-302

 Artist Collection DG-303

 DJ Designs 1421

 DJ Designs/Mary Kay Crowley 116

 DJ Designs PR-261

 DJ Designs PR-761

 DJ Designs PR-1018

 Elizabeth Turner C-415

 Elizabeth Turner KP-17
*perfect for a beginner*

 Elizabeth Turner S-176

 Hummingbird Designs HB-388

 Heartstrings HS-5167

 JP Needlepoint A-118

 JP Needlepoint B-404A

 JP Needlepoint H-26

JP Needlepoint V-536

Kelly Clark KCN- TX-01

Kelly Clark KCN-TX-06

Kelly Clark KCN-TX-07

Kelly Clark KCN-TX-08

 Kelly Clark KCN-TX-09

 Kelly Clark KCN-TX-011

 Kelly Clark KCN-TX-012

 Kelly Clark KCN-522

 Kelly Clark KCN-732

 Kelly Clark KCN-909-18

 Kelly Clark KCN-9121-18

 Kelly Clark KFA-02

 Maggie M-1603

 Maggie M-1604

 Maggie M-1606

 Maggie M-1608

 Maggie M-1610

 Maggie M-1612

 Mile High Princess MHP-3014

 Machelle Somerville MS-032

 Machelle Somerville MS-042

 Machelle Somerville MS-053

 Machelle Somerville MS-057

 Pajamas & Chocolate 244-E

 Pajamas & Chocolate 244-I

 Pajamas & Chocolate Patt-241-13

 Patti Mann 561

 Patti Mann 9401

 Patti Mann 11471

 Patti Mann 11595

 Patti Mann 11597

 Patti Mann 11606

 Purple Palm Designs 2201

 Purple Palm Designs 3301

 Purple Palm Designs 7117

 Raymond Crawford HO-656

 Renaissance G-111C

 Renaissance G-113A

 Renaissance HT-108A

 Renaissance HT-108B

 Renaissance HT-108C

 Renaissance HT-108D

 Renaissance HT-108E

 Renaissance N-188-3

 Renaissance N-188-7

 Renaissance N-188-12

 Renaissance TT-243A

 Robbyn's Nest R-672

 Strictly Christmas COAN-04

 Strictly Christmas COAN-07

 Strictly Christmas COAN-08

Strictly Christmas COAN-37

Strictly Christmas COAN-38

Strictly Christmas COLM-07

Strictly Christmas COLM-08

Strictly Christmas COO-31

Strictly Christmas COO-100

Strictly Christmas COO-102

Strictly Christmas COO-104

Strictly Christmas COS-07

Strictly Christmas COS-10

Strictly Christmas CSC-77

Strictly Christmas CSC-96

Strictly Christmas SN-02

Sandra Gilmore Hooter

Susan Roberts 4296

Susan Roberts/Ashley Dillon ASH-176

Susan Roberts JG-9101

Sundance TM-FC#4

Sundance TM-HRTC

Sundance TM-HRTFR

 The Collection BN-50E

 The Collection CH-303E

 The Collection CH-304C

 The Collection CH-304E

 The Collection CH-305C

 TS Designs 762-P

 Whimsy & Grace 12688

Whimsy & Grace 12851


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