Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Destination Dallas - Day 2

Here are a few things we found during Day 2 -

Amanda Lawford MK-107

Amanda Lawford small cardinal

Alice Peterson 3571

Bees Knees 608

Bees Knees 609

 Colors of Praise BG-111

 Dream House Ventures DH-3892

 Dream House Ventures CM-5019

 Dream House Ventures VH-3680
 DJ Designs/Mary Kay Crowley 116

Kirk & Bradley KB-438

Kirk & Bradley KB-453

Kelly Clark TX-011

Kelly Clark TX-012

Labors of Love 200-L

Labors of Love 288

Robbyn's Nest R-941

Robbyn's Nest R-953

Ruth Schmuff  6700

Ruth Schmuff 6706

Sundance Funky Cross #4

The Collection CH-303E

The Collection/TS Designs 762-P

Zecca ZE-329

This is a very small portion of the canvases we found and will have with us at the store soon.  We are traveling tomorrow, but will be in store Wednesday.  

We have so much more - embellishments, books, bags, magnets, etc., etc., etc.  Stay tuned as we share ALL the canvases from our adventures at the Destination Dallas market.


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