Monday, September 8, 2014

Destination Dallas!!!

What a day!!!  We have found so many FABULOUS canvases, and we are not finished shopping yet!  We still have 1 more day to go.  Here is just a sample of what we found today - 

 Annie Lane Cow Pies

Annie Lane Sheep Shoes
Ann Wheat Pace 103-AR
Birds of a Feather CC-722
Birds of a Feather CC-724
Birds of a Feather DI-614
Brenda Stofft Designs B-175
Brenda Stofft Designs B-808
Cooper Oaks SWB-1096
Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-408
Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-414
Julie Mar KL-1130
Lani 1045
Mindy 2368
Mindy 2375
Machelle Somerville 053
Machelle Somerville 057
NeedleDeeva 565-E
NeedleDeeva 1383
NeedleDeeva/Kristine Kingston P-100L
NeedleDeeva/Kristine Kingston P-103
Pajamas & Chocolate Patt-241-13
Pajamas & Chocolate 244-E
Pajamas & Chocolate 244-I
Painted Pony/Funda Scully FS-15A
Painted Pony/Funda Scully FS-15D
Raymond Crawford HO-791
Raymond Crawford HO-792
Renaissance HT-108B
Rebecca Wood 1016-D
Rebecca Wood 1017-A
Rebecca Wood 1017-B
Rebecca Wood 1017-G
 Rebecca Wood 1017-J

Rebecca Wood 1357
Sandra Gilmore Hooter
SM Stitches CG-243 #3

More to come so stay tuned!  We will have canvases in tow when we return to the shop!


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