Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Destination Dallas - Post 3

 Alice Peterson 2440

 Alice Peterson BF NU-405A

 Alice Peterson BF NU-405B

 Alice Peterson GE-588

 Alice Peterson GE-H134

 Alice Peterson X-128

 Associated Talents CT-1765R

Associated Talents CT-1771

 Associated Talents CT-1772

 Associated Talents CT-1773

 Associated Talents CT-1774

Associated Talents CT-1775

 Associated Talents CT-1776

 Associated Talents CT-1778

 Associated Talents CT-1779

 Associated Talents CT-1780

Associated Talents CT-1781
 Danji AW-35, with stitch guide
Scissor holder - place scissors in the hat and the circle as the scissor fob.

 Danji BP-01

 Danji BP-02

 Danji BP-03

 Danji BP-04

 Danji PB-05

 Danji LB-74

 Danji LB-78

 Danji LB-79

 Needle Deeva 0451-G

 Needle Deeva 0451-I

 Needle Deeva 0451-K

 Needle Deeva 0451-L

 Needle Deeva 0451-M

 Needle Deeva 0458-A

 Needle Deeva 0458-B

 Needle Deeva 0458-C

 Needle Deeva 0458-D

 Needle Deeva 0458-F

 Needle Deeva 0458-G

Needle Deeva 0458-H


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