Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Destination Dallas - Post 2

More finds from Destination Dallas -- new canvases, new to PFOS, and restocking some favorites!

 Associated Talents HE-613

Associated Talents HE-615

 Associated Talents HE-618

 Associated Talents M-156

 Elizabeth Turner XO-146F

*New Designer*
 Funda Scully FS-2

 Funda Scully FS-5

 Julie Mar 823

 Julie Mar SC-911

 Kelly Clark KCN-736

 Kelly Clark KCN-T003

 Labors of Love LL-198A

 Labors of Love LL-500

 Labors of Love LL-501

 Melissa Prince Designs A-143

 Melissa Prince Designs A-144

 Melissa Prince Designs A-148

 Melissa Prince Designs F-439

 Mindy 2300

 Patti Mann 5420

 Patti Mann 5421

 Patti Mann 9406

 Patti Mann 9411

 Patti Mann 9415

 Raymond Crawford HO-437

 Raymond Crawford HO-442

 Strictly Christmas COO-13

 Susan Roberts 2113

 Susan Roberts 279

 Susan Roberts 5417

 Susan Roberts C-211

 Shelly Tribbey C-333

 The Point of It All Designs S-328

 Unique NZ Designs 70396

Unique NZ Designs 70486

Many more designs to come so stay tuned!!!  We also go new threads, magnets, snap trays, etc.  We will get pictures loaded as soon as we can sort through it all!


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