Saturday, May 4, 2013

Destination Dallas - Post 6

 Amanda Lawford 4057

 Amanda Lawford JB-08

 Amanda Lawford JB-16


 Cooper Oaks SWB-1081

 CanvasWorks P-17A

 CanvasWorks PO-116A

 CanvasWorks PO-119A

 CanvasWorks PO-126A

 CanvasWorks PO-41B

 CanvasWorks PO-64B

 DC Designs D0111

 Dream House Ventures CM-5002

 Julia's Needleworks AGA-115D

 Julia's Needlworks MB-23

 Labors of Love LL-200N

 Labors of Love LL-224M

 Labors of Love LL-224XL

 Labors of Love LL-224

 Melissa Prince H-221, with stitch guide

 Mindy 2303

 Mindy 30G

 Mindy 3R

 Needle Deeva 0432-A

 Needle Deeva 0432-B

 Needle Deeva 0432-C

 Needle Deeva 0432-D

 Needle Deeva 0432-E

 Needle Deeva 0432-F

 Needle Deeva 0432-H

 Raymond Crawford HO-216

 Raymond Crawford HO-775

 Raymond Crawford QT-167

 Robbyn's Nest R-850

 Rebecca Wood 40-A

 Rebecca Wood 41-B

 Rebecca Wood 453-E

 Rebecca Wood 453-G

 Rebecca Wood 453-I

 Rebecca Wood 49-D

 Rebecca Wood 49-E

 Rebecca Wood 51-A

 Rebecca Wood 51-B

 Rebecca Wood 51-C

 Rebecca Wood 51-D

 Rebecca Wood 51-E

 Rebecca Wood 51-F

 Rebecca Wood 51-G

 Rebecca Wood 51-H

 Rebecca Wood 51-I

 Rebecca Wood 51-J

 Rebecca Wood 598-D
 Strictly Christmas CHP-21

 Susan Roberts 1156

 Susan Roberts/Ashley Dillon ADP-201

 Susan Roberts/Ashley Dillon ADP-205

 Susan Roberts/Ashley Dillon AL-101

 Susan Roberts/Ashley Dillon AL-102

 Susan Roberts/Ashley Dillon AL-103

 Susan Roberts/Ashley Dillon AL-108

 Susan Roberts/Ashley Dillon AL-109

 Susan Roberts/Ashley Dillon AL-110

The Collection B-202
The Collection B-205

 The Collection B-301

 The Collection GB-208A

Unique NZ Designs 70480

Unique NZ Designs 70484

 Amanda Lawford - Turquoise Box

Amanda Lawford - Burnt Orange Box
(example of insert, canvas not included)

 Amanda Lawford - Silver & Brown Box

Amanda Lawford - Silver Box

These are new canvases as well as some all time favorites!!!

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