Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Newest Threads

 Fuzzy Stuff 42 & 43

 Petite Silk Lame Braid 96 - 103

 Petite Sparkle Rays 303, Glows in the Dark

 Petite Treasure Braid 300, Glows in the Dark

 Silk Lame Braid (for 18 count) 300, Glows in the Dark

 Wisper 130, 131, 132

 Sparkles SP-016, Vintage Olive

 Sparkles SP-017, Vintage Teal

 Sparkles SP-018, Vintage Sapphire

 Sparkles SP-019, Vintage Magenta

 Sparkles SP-020, Vintage Eggplant

 Sparkles SP-021, Black & White Stripe

 Sparkles SP-022, Candy Cane Stripe

 Sparkles SP-023, Halloween Stripe

Sparkles SP-024, Christmas Stripe


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