Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Winter TNNA Market - Day 3

A. Bradley ab-320b

A. Bradley ab-320c

A. Bradley ab-320d

A. Bradley ab-320e

Alice Peterson 2690

Alice Peterson 2709

Alice Peterson 2732

Alice Peterson 2734

Alice Peterson 2741

Alice Peterson 3641

Alice Peterson 3655

Alice Peterson 3654

Alice Peterson 3653

Alice Peterson 3652

Alice Peterson 3660

Alice Peterson 3659

Alice Peterson 3658

Alice Peterson 3657

Alice Peterson 3656

Alice Peterson GE-705

Alice Peterson GE-704

Alice Peterson X-229

Alice Peterson X-210

Alice Peterson X-209

Alice Peterson X-208

BB Designs 121

BB Designs 119

BB Designs 117

BB Designs ST-3

BB Designs ST-2

BB Designs ST-1

BB Designs 122

Colors of Praise AC-841

Colors of Praise AC-840

Colors of Praise AC-842

Colors of Praise AC-824

Colors of Praise FF-244

Colors of Praise FF-243

Heartstrings HS-5820

Ewe & Eye & Friends Framed piece
(frame from Deux Bijoux Bijoux)

Dream House Ventures VH-3682

Dream House Ventures F-3698

Julie Mar Designs 6154-MS

JP Needlepoint H-55

JP Needlepoint H-54

JP Needlepoint H-53

JP Needlepoint H-52

JP Needlepoint H-51

JP Needlepoint H-50

JP Needlepoint V-84

Kelly Clark KCA 40-18

Kelly Clark KCA 39-18

Kelly Clark KCA 38-18

Kelly Clark KCA 36-18

Kelly Clark KCA 34-18

Kelly Clark KCA 32-18

Kelly Clark KCA 9019

Kathy Schenkel Designs TL-409

Kathy Schenkel Designs HO-123

Kathy Schenkel Designs HO-122

Kathy Schenkel Designs BT-606

Kathy Schenkel Designs BT-141

Kristine Kingston Happy Haunting

Kathy Schenkel Designs TL-410

Leigh Designs 7217

Leigh Designs 7216

Leigh Designs 7215

Leigh Designs 7214

Leigh Designs 7213

Leigh Designs 7212

Leigh Designs custom tray
(tray designed by Deux Bijoux Bijoux)

Leigh Designs framed crown

NeedleDeeva 237-B (available in 18 and 13 count)

NeedleDeeva 237-A (available in 18 and 13 count)

Melissa Shirley 1909-B

Melissa Shirley 1909-A

Melissa Prince B-337

NeedleDeeva 614

Pippin P-NI-014

Painted Pony/Mary Engelbreit ME-SQ07

Rebecca Wood 1372

Stitch Its 240-T

Pippin P-NI-013

Pippin P-NI-012

Pippin P-F-017

Pippin P-F-016

Pippin P-D-013

Pippin P-D-009

Painted Pony/Mary Engelbreit ME-SN04

Painted Pony/Mary Engelbreit ME-CH06

Painted Pony/Mary Engelbreit ME-CH04

Painted Pony/Mary Engelbreit ME-BF01

Patty Mann truck
(stitch the back cover - many styles available)

Patti Mann Christmas Countdown

Robbyn's Nest Raccoon Frame

Raymond Crawford HO-1266

Raymond Crawford HO-1192

Raymond Crawford HO-1175

Painted Pony/Mary Engelbreit ME-SW02

Painted Pony/Mary Engelbreit ME-SQ08

Stitch Its 240-P

Stitch Its 240-J

Stitch Its 240-I

Stitch Its 240-G

Shelly Tribbey H-348

Rebecca Wood 1373

Unique NZ Designs 1505

Unique NZ Designs 1504

Tapestry Fair PS-4

Tapestry Fair KRR-5

Tapestry Fair KRR-3

Our January sale does include NEW canvases from this market.  20% off in stock and special order canvases during the entire month of January (excludes club canvases).

We will be back in Lubbock tomorrow, so watch on Wednesday for a blog of all the great things we were able to bring back home with us!!!


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