Monday, January 11, 2016

TNNA Winter Market - Day 2

Lots to share --

 Amanda Lawford 26008

Amanda Lawford 26009

Amanda Lawford 26019

Amanda Lawford/DC Designs D-8164

Amanda Lawford/DC Designs DO-164








Cheryl Schaeffer/Annie Lee AV-1

Cheryl Schaeffer/Annie Lee AV-3

Cheryl Schaeffer/Annie Lee "Drink up Witches" tray

Cheryl Schaeffer/Annie Lee Hummingbird in birdcage

Cheryl Schaeffer/Annie Lee "You're not drinking alone" tray

Cheryl Schaeffer/Annie Lee Owl birdcage

Cheryl Schaeffer/Annie Lee Zipper Mouth Pumpkin

Dream House Ventures CM-5015

Dream House Ventures CM-5016

Dream House Ventures PM-3615

Elizabeth Turner C-450bb

Elizabeth Turner C-450V

Elizabeth Turner C-521

Elizabeth Turner S-154

Elizabeth Turner S-190i

Elizabeth Turner S-193C

Elizabeth Turner S-193t

Elizabeth Turner XO-147th

Elizabeth Turner XO-175x

Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-521B

Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-522

Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-525

Julie Mar 132907

Julie Mar 182906

Julie Mar LUDW-8103

Julie Mar SC-250

Kelly Clark Finished Fall Pears

Kelly Clark Village

 Lani 804B

Lani 1043

Lani 1066

Lani PW-2

Labors of Love LL-203
available in both 13 and 18 count (and both coming to PFOS soon)

Labors of Love LL-428

Labors of Love LL-429

Melissa Prince M-123

Melissa Prince M-139

Melissa Shirley 1548F

Melissa Shirley 1898

Melissa Shirley 1907

Melissa Shirley EW-102

Melissa Shirley MLT-331

Melissa Shirley MLT-333

Melissa Shirley MLT-340

Melissa Shirley VS-159H

Machelle Somerville MS-052

Pepperberry Designs HT-16

Purple Palm Designs 210

Purple Palm Designs 212

Rebecca Wood 451i

Rebecca Wood 465j

Rebecca Wood 465k

Sandra Gilmore Ring Out

Sandra Gilmore Shriek!

Sandra Gilmore Village

 Sew Much Fun Birdhouse

Sew Much Fun Christmas Birdhouse

So Much Fun Christmas Trees -- finished!!!  See the bells for feet!!!

Sew Much Fun Gingerbread birdhouse

Sew Much Fun Halloween Caution finished!

Sew Much Fun Halloween Tags

Sew Much Fun Halloween Wreaths

The Point of It All PB-2

The Point of It All PDG-54

The Point of It All PDG-71

The Point of It All  S-388

The Point of It All S-392

The Point of It All S-394

The Point of It All S-399

Zecca ZE-404

Zecca ZE-408

Zecca ZE-409

Zecca ZE-410

Zecca ZE-411

Zecca ZE-413

Zecca ZE-421

Tomorrow is the last day of market.  We have many things coming home with us and will share them as soon as we return to Lubbock!!!

Don't forget about our sale!  20% off in stock and special order canvases (excludes club canvases) during the entire month of January.



  1. Oh my, where to start.?? what does Needle Diva have new?

  2. We posted a few of NeedleDeeva's new canvases on the latest blog.


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