Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Back from Market and these goodies are IN STOCK!!!

Here are all the wonderful items we brought back from market.  The others we shared are orders and will be coming as soon as the designers have them ready.

Some you may have seen before, from Sample It, but wanted to make sure everyone knows they are available!
Accoutrement Designs needle case (includes 2 magnets inside, sold idividually)

Accoutrement Designs magnet - Flower

Accoutrement Designs magnet - elephant

Accoutrement Designs magnet - blue & pink house

Accoutrement Designs magnet - red barn

Accoutrement Designs magnet - pink and purple house

Accoutrement Designs magnet - pink and green house

Accoutrement Designs magnet - Peacock

Accoutrement Designs magnet - suitcase

Annie Lane Tipsy

Annie Lane Ruby

Annie Lane Rose

Annie Lane Happy

Annie Lane magnet - Bad dog

Annie Lane magnet - Moonage a Trois

Annie Lane magnet - Holy Sheep

Annie Lane magnet - Holy Cluck

Annie Lane magnet - Danger Lurks

Annie Lane magnet - Cheese

Annie Lane magnet - Bullsit

Annie Lane magnet - Stitching Cluck

Annie Lane magnet - That Doggone Rooster

Associated Talents BD-104

Associated Talents BD-103

Associated Talents BD-102

Associated Talents BD-101

Associated Talents CT-1476A

Associated Talents CT-1476BL

Associated Talents CT-1476P

Associated Talents CT-1476G

Associated Talents CT-1476U

Associated Talents HE-829

Associated Talents HE-830

Associated Talents HE-1001

Associated Talents HE-1002

Associated Talents CT-1912

Associated Talents CT-1905

Associated Talents CT-1904

Associated Talents CT-1903

Associated Talents EG-301

Danji Designs CH-162

Danji Designs CH-161

Danji Designs CH-156

Danji Designs CH-155

Danji Designs CH-154

Danji Designs CH-153

Danji Designs CH-152

Danji Designs CH-151

Danji Designs CH-150

CBK Needlepoint - Snowman magnet

CBK Needlepoint EG-PL247

Barbara Russell - BR-507

Barbara Russell BR-503

Barbara Russell BR-501

Associated Talents LM-104

Danji Designs CH-172

Danji Designs CH-173

Danji Designs CH-193

Danji Designs CH-194

Danji Designs WTP-02

Danji Designs WTP-09

Danji Designs WTP-08

Danji Designs WTP-06

Danji Designs WTP-04

Danji Designs WTP-03

Julia's Snyder's new book - Keys to Canvas Embellishment

Kate Dickerson PL-97

Kelly Clark KCN-1439

Kelly Clark KCN-1438

Kelly Clark KCN-1436

Laurel Wheeler 6338

Laurel Wheeler 6227

Laurel Wheeler 6210

Laurel Wheeler 6012

Laurel Wheeler 2054

Laurel Wheeler 2048

Lavishea lotion bars

Maggie M-1810

Maggie M-1811

Mindy 9F

Maggie M-1816

Maggie M-1815

Mindy 2245

Mindy 2227-P

Mindy 2308-13

Mindy 2298-B

Mindy 2314

Patti Mann 11234

Patti Mann 11202

Patti Mann 5452

 Patti Mann 11825

Patti Mann 11829

Stitch Its LN-Rabbit 1

Stitch Its LN-Bird 1

Patti Mann 11850

Sew Much Fun Caution Tag

Sew Much Fun Danger Tag

Sew Much Fun Ding Dong Witch Tag

Sew Much Fun Do Not Enter Tag

Tango & Chocolate Santa Fob

Tango & Chocolate Purple Squares Fob

Tango & Chocolate Purple & Blue Fob

Tango & Chocolate Polka Dot Rounds Fob

Tango & Chocolate Pink Rounds Fob

Tango & Chocolate Frankenstein Fob

Tango & Chocolate Dog Fob

Tango & Chocolate Colorful Heart & Round Fob

Canvases are 20% off during January -- in stock and special order canvases (excludes club canvases).


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