Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Our Newest Arrivals

 Cooper Oaks JD-4001B

Cheryl Schaeffer CH F1
includes frame

Cheryl Schaeffer CHS-1
includes shutter frame

Cheryl Schaeffer CHS-4
includes shutter frame

J. Malahy HW-4

J. Malahy HW-6

J. Malahy SG-2

J. Malahy SM-1

J. Malahy SM-2

J. Malahy SM-3

J. Malahy SM-4

J. Malahy SM-5

J. Malahy SM-C, Texas Tech

Robbyn's Nest Butterflies with heart frame

Robyn's Nest FS-020
frame included

 Robbyn's Nest R-675

Robbyn's Nest R-676

Robbyn's Nest R-973

Susan Roberts MH-5282


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