Friday, May 1, 2015

New Canvases!!!!

Thanks again for such a fun 5 years.  We are looking forward to many more!
Hope you enjoyed the sale and now for NEW canvases!!!!

 & More CRP-3

& More CTT-02
& More CTT-06

 & More CV-292

& More CV-293
& More CV-298
& More CV-299
 & More CV-315
& More CV-316
Alexa CS-7289
Alexa CS-7290
Alexa CS-7291

CBK Needlepoint SC-PL52
CBK Needlepoint SC-PL54
CBK Needlepoint SC-PL58
Jean Smith 191B-4
Jean Smith 191C-2
MM Designs 1MB

MM Designs 7XR3

 MM Designs 8XR3

 38AS blue

38AS lavender
MM Designs 203

 MM Designs E-12

MM Designs W-9

MM Designs W-10

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