Saturday, May 2, 2015

More and More New Canvases!

 Ann Wheat Pace 409-B

 Ann Wheat Pace 409-C

 Ann Wheat Pace 605-A

 DJ Designs 1009

DJ Designs 1725
DJ Designs 1726B
DJ Designs 1734
Pippin P-CH-015
Pippin P-CH-016
Pippin P-CH-017
Pippin  P-D-012

Pippin P-ET-H-002
Pippin P-ET-H-003
Pippin P-H-013
Pippin P-H-014
 Patti Mann 7316

Patti Mann 11711

 Patti Mann 11712

Patti Mann 11813
Patti Mann 11813
Patti Mann 11820
Stitch Its 96-I
Stitch Its 96-K
Stitch Its 96-M
Stitch Its 172-D
 Stitch Its 172-F

Stitch Its 225-A
Stitch Its 225-C
Stitch Its 225-H
 Stitch Its 234

Stitch Its 237-A
Stitch Its 237-B
 The Point of It All Designs PSE-10

The Point of It All Designs S-386


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