Monday, May 5, 2014

Threads & More Threads!!!

We took advantage of fewer vendors at market see more threads and NEW threads!

***Barbara Elmore's Ribbon***
Stitchy Ribbon and Glitzy Ribbon are new and come in a variety of colors.  The glitter on the Glitzy Ribbon does not come off!!!  The ribbons can be gathered with a stitch to create flowers.  Leaves can be made by stretching and tacking the sides in place to cover the canvas.

***Leather Cord from Access Commodities***
This very fine leather cord is available in 8 colors!  Tack it down for the perfect finish to your next project.

***HOT off the Press***
Silken Straw from Alchemy!  This is a pure silk thread that adds a wonderful texture to your canvas.  It is available in 24 colors.  We can't wait to stitch with it to see just what we can do with it!

***Rainbow Gallery***
Neon Rays - 1 new color
Neon Rays + - 1 new color
Rainbow Linen - 2 new colors
Silk Lame Braid 18 - 10 new colors
Silk Lame Braid Petite - 22 new colors
Soft Sheen Fyre Werks - 1 new color

***Painted Pony New Angels***
Miss Daisy
Day of the Beach
Folk Art Landscape
Royal Blue Queen
Over the Rainbow
Christmas Vine

Stay tuned to the blog to see all our market finds.  We will post them here as soon as they arrive!!!  We are bringing a few canvases back with us and will share them as soon as we are back in Lubbock.  If you see something you want us to reserve for you, let us know and it will be yours as soon as we have it in store! 


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