Friday, May 2, 2014

NeedleDeeva & Hilary Jean Designs

 NeedleDeeva 130-A

NeedleDeeva 130-B
NeedleDeeva 130-C
NeedleDeeva 130-D
NeedleDeeva 130-E
NeedleDeeva 130-F
NeedleDeeva 130-G
NeedleDeeva 130-H
NeedleDeeva 338
NeedleDeeva 661-I
 NeedleDeeva 661-J

Hanukkah Cupcakes
 NeedleDeeva 1368-A

NeedleDeeva 1468-B
NeedleDeeva 1468-C
NeedleDeeva 1368-D
NeedleDeeva 1368-E
NeedleDeeva 1368-F
NeedleDeeva 1368-G
NeedleDeeva 1368-H
NeedleDeeva 1368-I
NeedleDeeva 1368-J
 NeedleDeeva 1368-K

NeedleDeeva 1368-L
NeedleDeeva 1382-A
NeedleDeeva 1382-B
NeedleDeeva 1382-C
NeedleDeeva 1382-D
NeedleDeeva 1382-E
NeedleDeeva 1382-F
NeedleDeeva 1382-G
NeedleDeeva 1382-H
NeedleDeeva 1382-I

Hilary Jean Designs has a new banner design - Build Your Own Banner.  You choose the flags, then pick the letters to spell out what you want.  Both the flags and letters come with magnets so you can change out and create new sayings to your hearts content.

Check out the website for the entire collection of flags available.  And, don't forget the "special characters" to give your banner something extra special!

More fun to come!

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