Sunday, May 4, 2014

More from the Indianapolis Market

Associated Talents Halloween wreath
 Check out the great ornament topper on this Halloween ornament!
We will have it in stock soon!!!

 Elizabeth Turner has finished the witch feet!!!!

 New line of snowmen from Elizabeth Turner.
The canvas is just the face and the rest is in the finishing.

 Labors of Love collection of dogs!  More to come!

 Labors of Love Holy Family.  The entire set is shown here.

 Patti Mann 6493

 Patti Mann 9410

 Patti Mann 9439

 Patti Mann 11501

 Patti Mann 11502

 Patti Mann 11509

 Patti Mann 11512

Patti Mann 11515

 Raymond Crawford - new cookies available in both 18 and 13 count.
Perfect for beginner to advanced stitchers!

Raymond Crawford cookies
 Raymond Crawford cookies

Russian Braid - will be in store soon!

One more day of market to go!

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