Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Amanda Lawford & Cheryl Schaeffer Designs

 Amanda Lawford 23009, comes with rhinestones

 Amanda Lawford 23011, Limited Edition
(only 50 canvases available)

 Amanda Lawford 4417, comes with rhinestones

 Amanda Lawford 23010, comes with rhinestones

Cheryl Schaeffer Designs CXF-1, comes with wooden frame

 Wooden frame, can be painted any color

Cheryl Schaeffer Designs CHF-2, comes with wooden frame & stitch guide

 Cheryl Schaeffer Designs, finished with black frame

 Cheryl Schaeffer Designs iPad case (front)

Cheryl Schaeffer Designs iPad case (inside)

 Cheryl Schaeffer Designs IPC-4, fits iPad case


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