Saturday, April 14, 2012

Maggie Trunk Show

Our newest trunk show, Maggie Co., has arrived in store.  Check out their great canvases.  Only a portion are listed below, but we will continue to post trunk show canvases throughout the weekend. 
M-916, Bear in Love

M-917, Be Happy

M-918, Bunny with Carrot

M-919, Bunny with Flower

M-920, Cat with Bandana

M-1010, It's Spreading
M-1011, Mom, I Have to Pee

M-1012, Sweet Time of the Year

M-1013, Night Music

M-1014, Do Not Disturb

M-1015, Surprise

M-1016, Celestial Snow Cones

M-1017, Just For You

M-1018, Christmas Moon

M-1019, First Christmas Shoppers

M-1020, A Room at Last

M-1021, Watching

M-1022, Christmas Chocolate

M-1023, Too Much Temptation

M-1024, Snowy Make Do

M-1025, Party Animal

M-1026, From the Heart

M-1027, Best Buds

M-1028, Bunny Hop

M-1029, Dresser

M-1030, What's the Buzz

M-1031, Liberty Make Do

M-1032, West Porch

M-1033, Pencil to Paper

M-1034, Saturday Night Out

M-1035, Fall Cabin

M-1036, All Dressed Up

M-1037, Birthday Cake

M-1087, Catfish

M-1088, Barking up the Wrong Tree

M-1089, Cat Birds

M-1090, Chilly Dog

M-1091, My Fab Lab

M-1092, Best Thing in Life

M-1093, Duck Soup

M-1094, Dandelions

M-1095, Party Animals

M-1096, Some Day My Prince . . .

M-1097, London Frog

M-1098, Baa Baa . . .

M-1099, Little Miss Muffett

M-1100, Mary Had a Little Lamb

M-1101, Mary, Mary Quite Contrary

M-1102, Jack & Jill

M-1103, Bo Peep

M-1104, Once There Was . . .

M-1105, Let's Go Down . . .

M-1142, All Dressed Up
M-1143, Blossom Bunny

M-1144, What the Hey

M-1145, Cabin Fever

M-1146, Traffic Jam

M-1147, Pumpkin Pirate

M-1148, Filling Statio

M-1149, Drive in the Country

M-1150, Strut About

M-1151, Traveling Companions

M-1152, Loyal & True

M-1153, Who Me?

M-1154, Happy Sam

M-1155, Dear Lady

M-1156, Party Girl

M-1157, Short Walk

M-1158, Working Weather

M-1159, Short Walk

M-1160, Night Shift

M-1161, Hardly Martha

M-1162, One a Year

M-1163, Cup-a-Joe

M-1164, Softly Servey Sam

M-1165, What's Up Cupcake


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