Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Maggie Co. Trunk Show - Post 4

More from Maggie Co.

M-38, Hog Wash

M-73, The Club

M-210, Cat & Clown Doll

M-215, Thinking About Exercise

M-216, You're as Old as You Feel

M-282, She Was His Greatest Love

M-317, Santa

M-421, Polka-Dot Hearts

M-427, Love in Bloom

M-523, Flowers 2

M-525, Floral Basket

M-545, Watch Dogs

M-583, Mr. Snow

M-588, Body Heat

M-644, Gingered with Love

M-646, Life is So Dull

M-744, Guarding the Village

M-835, The Key to Christmas (both canvases included)
M-836, Home is Where the Heart Is (both canvases included)
M-886, Ready with Toys

M-887, Ready to Run

M-888, Ready for the Child

M-942, Bad Dog


M-1225, Huff-n-Puff

M-1226, Fierce File Fish

M-1227, Have You Heard?

M-1228, Up Periscope

M-1249, Rabbit

M-1250, Frog

M-1251, Pig

M-1252, Rooster

M-1262, Elephant

M-1263, Bunny

M-1264, Frog with Sun, Star, and Moon

M-1265, Bird with Christmas Tree

M-1266, Reindeer with Carrot

M-1267, Mouse on Bicycle

M-1268, Frog on Skateboard

M-1333, Rooster Chef

M-1334, Rooster Waiter

M-1335, New York Penguin

M-1336, Dapper Penguin

M-1337, Dapper Goose

M-1338, Frog Queen

M-1339, Frog Prince

M-1340, Will Shakespurr

M-1341, QE Cat

M-1342, Kitty Magrittee

M-1343, Rooster Chef Pepper

M-1344, Rooster Chef Wisk

M-1345, Rooster Waitr Wine Tray

M-1346, Rooster Waiter Sante

M-1359, Catching Rays

M-1360, Fun in the Sun

M-1366, Fabulous Tree

M-1367, Owls in Fabulous Tree

M-1368, Spring Day

M-1369, Village

M-1371, Cloudless Skies

M-1372, Polka Dot & Tulips

M-1373, Polka Dots & Sunflowers

M-1374, Mixed Bouquet

M-1375, Striped Vase & Tulips

M-1376, Mixed Bouquet in Polka Dots

M-1377, Poppies in Polka Dots

M-1378, Lemons & Flowers

M-1379, Lemons & Mixed Bouquet

M-1380, Miami

M-1381, Rome

M-1382, San Francisco

M-1383, New York 

M-1384, Espresso

M-1385, Mocha Coffee

M-1386, Cafe Noir

M-1387, Cappuccino

M-1388, Latte

M-1399, Stitchers Gone Wild

M-1400, Trees & Flowers

M-1401, Blue Tulip

M-1402, Barn, House & Garden

M-1403, Green House

M-1404, Angel & Sheep

M-1405, Boston Abstract

M-1406, Boston Harbor

M-1407, Folk Art Farm 2

M-1408, Bird on Fence

M-1409, Village House with Bird

M-1429, Beautiful Flowers

M-1492, Hot Babe Brick Cover


 M-OF-103, Dog Park Express

M-OF-104, Snow Day

M-OF-111, Harry Unpotter

M-OF-112, Home is Where the Dog Is

M-OF-113, Bark Ave.

M-OF-114, Beasties Brunch

M-OF-115, Duck Hunting

M-OF-117, Bone Appetite

M-OF-120, Stepping Out

M-OF-121, Santa Visits

M-OF-122, Dogue Fashion

All Maggie Co. canvases are 20% off during the trunk show.  Get your favorites at a great discount!

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