Monday, April 16, 2012

Maggie Co. Trunk Show - Post 3

More from the Maggie Co. Trunk Show

M-1410, Town Abstract

M-1411, Night Village

M-1412, Church on the Hill

M-1418, Housing Development

M-1419, Perennial Favorites

M-1420, Country House

M-1421, Related Species

M-1422, What I Saw Along the Way

M-1423, Chatting

M-1424, Mountains & Marigolds

M-1425, Seashells & Starfish

M-1426, Above It All

M-1427, Botanical Garden

M-1428, Welcome to My House

M-1445, Sun Goddess

M-1446, The Purrfect Sunset

M-1447, Daisey at the Beach

M-1448, Daisey Mails a Letter

M-1449, Daisey Takes Tea

M-1450, Daisey Gardens

M-1451, Daisey Falls in Love

M-1452, Cat's Meow Rug

M-1453, Cat's Meow

M-1455, 3 Striped Pots 1

M-1456, 3 Striped Pots 2

M-1457, 3 Striped Pots 3

M-1458, My Favorite Things

M-1459, Bliss

M-1470, Take Jolly & Stuff It

M-1471, As If I Care 2

M-1473, Three Bags Full

M-1474, Mobile Home

M-1475, Crazy Cat Lady

M-1476, Trio

M-1477, Just Resting My Eyes

M-1478, Crashing with the Kids

M-1479, Stuffed

M-1481, Quilters

M-1482, Barflies

M-1483, Sock

M-1484, Circus Giraffe

M-1485, Circus Elephant

M-1486, Circus Monkey

M-1486, In the Pink

M-1488, Blue Bird

M-1489, Hootie

M-1490, Mr. & Mrs. Hootie

M-1491, Little Hootie

M-1493, Nasturtium

M-1494, Tulips

M-1495, Tiny Flowers

M-1496, Night Garden

M-1497, Grass

M-1498, Blue Flowers

M-1499, Dog with Ball

M-1500, Happy Car Dog

M-1501, Yummy

M-1502, Flower Cat

M-1503, Life is Sweet

M-1504, Dog Days

M-1505, Happy Hoppy

M-1506, Sledding Penguin

M-1507, Rudloph Santa

M-1508, Snowflake Penguin

M-1509, Skating Penguin

M-1510, Happy Penguin

M-1511, Santa Penguin

M-OF-15, Yvonna

M-OF-24, Camille

M-OF-29, Chocolate Sunshine

M-OF-54, Westie

M-OF-58, Dash Thru Snow

Remember, all trunk show designs are 20% off during the trunk show!

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