Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pals, Nannies and Keepers!

We have items from Puffin & Company. 

Scissor Pals
(fobs for your scissors)

Needle Nanny
(magnet for your needle) 

Scissor Sitter
(Attach clip to your scissors and magnet will hold scissors when not in use.  You can attach this to your clothing or project and your scissors never disappear.)

Peeper Keepers
(Use magnet to attach to your clothing and slide in your reading glasses when not in use.)

Need a Valentine magnet? 
Flowers on Black, Heart on Pink, Heart on Red, Ivory Heart

Truffles, Pink Owl, Orange Flower, Pink & White Heart

Cupcake, Pink & White Animal Print, Heart Chocolates, Pink Gems, Flower Heart

For more information, call or email us.

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