Saturday, February 11, 2012

Nature's Palette and Oli Clips

We recently received wonderful hand-painted canvases from Nature's Palette.  You can design your own piece using their wonderful colors.  These would be great with an open background to let the colors show.  (Colors are much more vibrant in person.)

We have 10 x 10 pieces of all the following from the Solid Collection -

Key Lime



10 x 10 pieces from the Jewel Collection (all have shimmer)


Smokey Quartz

10 x 10 of a custom paint -
Pumpkin Patch

Megan is working on a heart design featuring the Key Lime canvas.
They have other colors available.  Call or email for more information.

We now have a new type of magnet - Oli Clips.  The front and back are one piece, so no more losing the back of your magnet! 
View from the front on the canvas - they keep your needle in easy reach.

View from the back/top of the canvas.  The large Oli Clips can fit over mini stretcher bars or over the canvas between tacks or staples.

Here are the styles available -

Mini Oli Clips

More new items arriving daily.


  1. One great use for those clips and I vouch for it: you know when you string beads, lots of beads and you have to couch them down? Been there, done that. It can be a nightmare to keep the string steady, especially if you need to make turns. Those clips work wonderfully well, keeping the string steady while you couch


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