Saturday, February 4, 2012

Jody and Ewe & Eye & Friend

Today we feature more from Jody Designs and the last of the Ewe and Eye and Friends trunk shows.  Remember trunk show canvases are 20% off.

From Jody Designs -

From Ewe and Eye and Friends -
Here are a few Ewe and Eye and Friends canvases named after Pockettes!
EWE-247 "Devon"

EWE-246 "Julia"

EWE-248 "Meg"

EWE-243 "Nancy"

EWE-242 "Rhea"

EWE-249 "Sandy"

EWE-250 "Anna"

EWE-245 "Megan"

Call or email for information on these and other trunk show canvases.

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