Monday, May 9, 2011

Zecca Finishing

Check out what Zecca has to offer for finishing options. I'll bet you hadn't thought of a few of these neat ideas! We are expecting this trunk show to arrive any time now, so keep your eyes peeled for the excitement!
Stitch Zecca circles and have them finished as long, cylindrical bags to use as pencil cases, knitting needle holders, or makeup brush bags.
Zecca circles can also be used to make a mini tubular bag or a coin purse. Not much stitching that results in major rewards!
Here is another view of those long bags. They are finished with silk - pretty cool, huh?!
This Zecca frame is one of my personal favorites. Instead of using the frame in a traditional way, they designers at Zecca transformed this canvas into an earring holder! The canvas is finished with mesh in the open frame area and the outer edges are surrounded in amazing Kaffe Fasset fabric.
This frame was finished to hold a picture. It is so cute with buttons and tiny dowel rods.
Have you ever needlepointed a clock?! If not, it's probably because you've never seen one this cool!
Looky there, Zecca has another cool clock. You could decorate your home with funky timepieces.
Zecca's belts are some of the most unique canvases with tons of great uses.
You could finish their belts as flip flops, purse straps, hat bands, or even frame the long canvas. What a statement! 
Purses are another great way to display your needlework wherever you go.
These purses come in many different sizes and shapes. Check out those handles!
What a fun flat purse!
The buttons and neon handles jazz up this dotted purse.
A more traditional but still funky purse would be fashionable as well as functional.

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