Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kelly's Pears

We now have several complete sets of Kelly Clark's Pear club in stock. You do not have to purchase the entire club to get these canvases. We are selling individual pear canvases with stitch guides. Pick your favorite canvases and we will make as many kits as you like! Let us know which pears to send you.
1400 - Chartreuse Pear Sampler
1401 - Yellow Bartletts
1402 - Anjou
1403 - Golden Bosc Pear Sampler
1404 - Crazy Quilt Pear Sampler
1405 - Wreath O' Green on Bosc
1406 - Gingerbread Men Pear
1407 - Christmas Tree Pear
1408 - Ornaments Pear
1409 - Peppermints Pear
1410 - Candy Cane Pear
1411 - Wintergreens on Red Anjou
These pears would look great finished as ornaments on a wreath or tree, and they would also look great finished with a stick in the bottom and placed in a small topiary pot like this one. Wouldn't that create a festive scene?
We would love to hear from you! Give us a call or send us an e-mail any time.

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