Saturday, May 21, 2011


A complete color list of the mini sequins is now available on The Collection's website. We have pictured the list of 2mm sequins below. Can you imagine all of the different ways you could use these?! Wouldn't they be neat on a mermaid's fin in shades of blue and turquoise? Or on a pair of ruby slippers? Or maybe on a ballerina's leotard? The possibilities are endless!
The Collection is still working on uploading all of the different shapes of sequins. Keep watching their website for new pictures.
Let us know if we can order any of these great colors for you.
DM2-1:Twinkle, DM2-2:Glint, DM2-3:Gleam,
DM2-4:Sunlight, DM2-5:Bailey's, DM2-38:Electric
DM2-6:Solar, DM2-7:Sunset, DM2-8:Sunspot,
DM2-11:Mellow Yellow, DM2-12:Moss, DM2-13 Peridot
DM2-14:Seychelles, DM2-15:Lucky, DM2-16:Noel,
DM2-18:Carnation, DM2-19:Dahlia, DM2-20:Kinky
DM2-21:Arctic, DM2-22:Mediterranean, DM2-23:Adriatic,
DM2-24:Royal, DM2-26:Electro-Funk, DM2-27:Aubergine
DM2-28:Gloxinia, DM2-29:Sanguine, DM2-30:Be Mine,
DM2-32:Kahlua, DM2-33:Antique, DM2-34:Graphite
DM2-36:Char, DM2-38:Electric, DM2-41:Moonbeam
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