Sunday, January 22, 2017

San Jose Winter Market, Day 1

What a first day!  It was so much fun and so much to see.  Take a peak at some of our finds --

 Birds of a Feather CC-730

Birds of a Feather Jacques

Birds of a Feather Night Owl

Birds of a Feather Nutcracker

Birds of a Feather SW-113

Birds of a Feather Turtle Tower

Brenda Stofft A-404

Brenda Stofft L-369

Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-511

Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-550

Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-552

Julie Mar 306

Julie Mar PDW-406

Julie Mar SC-258

JP Needlepoint B-101

JP Needlepoint B-107

JP Needlepoint B-151

JP Needlepoint V-95

Love You More AJH-03

Love You More GA-07

Love You More GA-12

Love You More IG-04

Love You More RR-01

Maggie M-1881

Maggie M-1898

Maggie M-1901

Maggie M-1902

Maggie M-1917

Maggie M-1921

Melissa Prince B-376

Melissa Prince H-242

Melissa Prince Movie Coasters - Big & Mary Poppins

Melissa Prince Movie Coasters - Blues Brothers and Calendar Girls

Melissa Shirley Movie Coasters - Singing in the Rain and Christmas Vacation

Pepperberry MT-01

Pepperberry NP-10 and NP-09

Pepperberry NP-07, NP-06, NP-05, NP-11, NP-12

Pepperberry PA-08

Pepperberry PA-22

shown stitched & will be appearing in Needlepoint Now!

Pippin P-D-016

Pippin P-ET-023

Pippin P-ET-024

Pippin P-ET-027

Pippin P-F-020

Pippin P-SI-003

Pippin P-SI-007

Pippin P-SI-008

Patti Mann 11675

Patti Mann 20051

Patti Mann 22011

Purple Palm Designs 127

Purple Palm Designs 508

Purple Palm Designs 520

Purple Palm Designs 1401

Raymond Crawford HO-1387

Raymond Crawford HO-1423

 Rebecca Wood 1036A, B, C, D

Rebecca Wood 1379

Rebecca Wood 1380

Sew Much Fun Frosty

Sew Much Fun Gorgeous Vase

The Meredith Collection C-450KO

The Meredith Collection C-535J

The Meredith Collection C-535L

The Meredith Collection G-758

Charley Harper HC-C304

Charley Harper HC-L286

We have several more pictures to share, but need to get some sleep before another busy day tomorrow.  We will share as many pictures as possible.

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