Monday, January 23, 2017

San Jose market, Day 3

 Abigail Cecile AC-101

Abigail Cecile AC-103

Abigail Cecile AC-104

Abigail Cecile AC-201

Abigail Cecile AC-204

Associated Talents CT-1208

Associated Talents FL-210

 Associated Talents HH-450

 Associated Talents HH-453

Associated Talents M-211

Kelly Clark KCN920-18

Kelly Clark KCN921-18

Kelly Clark KEA06-18

Kelly Clark KEA07-18

Kelly Clark KEA08-18

Melissa Shirley 1939-B

Melissa Shirley 1939

Melissa Shirley 1943

Melissa Shirley DM-122

Melissa Shirley DM-123A

Melissa Shirley DM-123B

Melissa Shirley DM-123C

Melissa Shirley DM-123D

Melissa Shirley DM-123E

Melissa Shirley DM-123F

Melissa Shirley EML-100A

Melissa Shirley EML-100C

Melissa Shirley MLT-371

Melissa Shirley MLT-374

Melissa Shirley MLT-380

Machelle Sommerville MS-086

Machelle Sommerville MS-087

Machelle Sommerville MS-090A

Machelle Sommerville MS-090B

Renaissance N-199

Sandra Gilmore 18-1076

Sandra Gilmore 18-1077

Sandra Gilmore 18-1087

Sandra Gilmore 18-1091

Silver Needle 804

Silver Needle 805

Silver Needle 810

Silver Needle 811

The Studio To-137, Wonder Women

The Studio To-137, Peter Pan

The Studio To-139, Mary Poppins

Zecca ZE-472, ZE-473, ZE-473

Zecca ZE-453

Zecca ZE-457, Coloring Book Stitching
Stitch any color to create your own masterpiece 

 Zecca ZE-460

Zecca ZE-461

Zecca ZE-466

Zecca ZE-469, ZE-470, ZE-471

Zecca ZE-475

Zecca ZE-476

Zecca ZE-477

Zecca ZE-479

Zecca ZESP-102

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