Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Christmas in July - Kicking off with Pepperberry Designs and Pippin Designs

Today we kick off our Christmas in July sale!  In stock and special order canvases are 20% off during the entire month of July!!!  (Club canvases are excluded.)

 Pepperberry Designs DG-03

Pepperberry Designs DG-04

Pepperberry Designs DG-05

Pepperberry Designs DG-07

Pepperberry Designs FP-04

Pepperberry Designs HT-13

Pepperberry Designs HT-14

 Pepperberry Designs RN-05

Pepperberry Designs SAN-01

Pepperberry Designs SU-01

Pepperberry Designs HW-17 

Pippin Designs P-CHO-013

Pippin Designs P-CHO-017

Pippin Designs P-CHO-018

Pippin Designs P-CHO-020

Pippin Designs P-CHO-021

Pippin Designs P-CHO-022

Pippin Designs P-CHO-024

Pippin Designs P-ET-004

Pippin Designs P-ET-007

Pippin Designs P-H-001

Pippin P-NI-010

We have many canvases on our delivery schedule for this week.  Stay tuned for our new arrivals from the Columbus market!


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