Thursday, July 2, 2015

Canvases & Magnets!!!

 Ann Wheat Pace 605-F

Pippin P-ET-011
Pippin P-ET-013
Pippin P-F-005
The Point of It All Designs OR-905
The Point of It All Designs OR-906
Renaissance Designs MNS-264/2

 Renaissance Designs MNS-264/3

Rebecca Wood 1020-B
Rebecca Wood 1020-C
Rebecca Wood 1021-A
Rebecca Wood 1022-A
Rebecca Wood 1022-C
Rebecca Wood 1022-F
Rebecca Wood 1022-G
Rebecca Wood 1022-H
Rebecca Wood 1023-A
Rebecca Wood 1023-B
Rebecca Wood 1023-C
Rebecca Wood 1023-D
Rebecca Wood 1365-A
Rebecca Wood 1365-B

Accoutrements Designs magnets
 Black & White Chevron

Pink & White Chevron
Purple & White Chevron
 Turquoise & White Chevron

Christmas candy
Christmas Quilt Block
Color Wheel Quilt Block

Elf Quilt Block
Green Pumpkin Quilt Block
Pine Cone Quilt Block
Patriotic Star

Remember, our Christmas in July is sale is going on all month long.  20% off in stock and special order canvases.  Club canvases are excluded.


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