Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June New Designs

Designers are beginning to update their websites with new designs!!!  These designs are not in stock, but we want to show what is coming.

Love the moose!!!!
 Maggie M-1602

 Maggie M-1603

 Maggie M-1604

 Maggie M-1605

 Maggie M-1606

 Maggie M-1608

 Maggie M-1610

 Maggie M-1611

 Maggie M-1615

 Maggie M-1616

 Maggie M-1620

 Maggie M-1621

 Maggie M-1624

 Maggie M-1625

Maggie M-1626

Maggie & Co - These are just a few.  Check out all the new designs on Maggie's website - New Designs.  Make sure to go on to Page 2.

 Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-440

 Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-442

 Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-445

 Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-446

 Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-449

 Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-453

See more of Ewe & Eye & Friends new designs on their website - New Designs.

Zecca ZE-232
 Zecca ZE-243

 Zecca ZE-246

 Zecca ZE-247

 Zecca ZE-254

 Zecca ZE-256

 Zecca ZE-258

 Zecca ZE-259C

 Zecca ZE-259F

 Zecca ZE-259H

 Zecca ZE-261

 Zecca ZE-262

Zecca ZE-263

Zecca has more on their newly designed website.  New Canvases - look at both pages!

What are your favorites?  Comment and let us know!

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