Saturday, June 1, 2013

Canvases, Threads, Flowers

 Flowers from Sundance - attach with a bead.
 BDS-FF100, Poppy Mix

 BDS-FF200, Daisy Mix

 BDS-FF300, Trumpet Mix

 BDS-FF500, Petunia Mix

 BDS-FF600, Star Flower Mix

 BDS-FF700, Hibiscus Mix

From The Collection
 Swarovski Sew-On Flatback Squares, #3400
6 mm Crystal

 LK080, hearts

 LK297, hearts





Wonder Ribbon from The Collection.  A little about Wonder Ribbon -
 "Wonder Ribbon is woven from brass, copper and/or aluminum and is coated in enamel and lacquered to prevent color change.  It is water proof, heat resistant and nickel free.  It can be used as a tube with beads carefully inserted inside it or it can be fluffed out to nearly 3 times its original size, creating beautiful swirls and waves.  It can be twisted, knotted and pulled into just about any shape.  The possibilities are endless."
 Wonder Ribbon 241, Melon

 Wonder Ribbon 503, Bright Gold

 Wonder Ribbon 710, Black

 Wonder Ribbon 715, Green Mix

 Wonder Ribbon 716, Bordeaux Mix

 Wonder Ribbon 772, Lt. Pink

 Voila Bag 624

 Voila C634-H

 Voila SM bag 515

Voila floral coasters, complete with cork for bottom and finishing instructions


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