Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pocket Girl

Guess what?! There is more than one way to stitch a canvas and we have proof! Raymond Crawford designed this Pocket Girl canvas exclusively for Pocket Full of Stitches and a few of our girls stitched it up in their own unique way. We love the fact that you can take a design that is painted the same and still use your own creativity to make it one of a kind!
Devon stitched this canvas. She used Petite Very Velvet for the shamrock and a silver fuzzy thread as the inner frame.
Devon's piece again.
Megan decided to stitch the letters with French knots to really make them stand out. It's amazing how one minor stitch change can make such a huge difference!
Megan's piece again.
Sandy used lots of very small stitches to add movement and dimension to the canvas. She also had it finished as a boxed stand-up which looks great!
Sandy's piece again.
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