Friday, March 11, 2016

24 New Canvases

 BB Needlepoint Designs BB-114

BB Needlepoint Designs BB-115
BB Needlepoint Designs BBT-14
BB Needlepoint Designs ST-1
BB Needlepoint Designs ST-2
BB Needlepoint Designs ST-3
Colors of Praise MC-448
Kirk & Bradley KB-1285
Kirk & Bradley KB-1286
Kirk & Bradley KB-1288
Patti Mann 11576
Patti Mann 11716
Patti Mann 11955, come with wooden truck

 example of wooden truck with needlepoint cover

Patti Mann 11985

 Shown with wooden blocks for countdown

 Patti Mann 20023

 Susan Roberts 4399

Susan Roberts 5831
Susan Roberts 7208
Susan Roberts 7209
Susan Roberts 7210
Susan Roberts 7211
Susan Roberts 7212


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