Friday, June 12, 2015

CanvasWorks & Yazzii Bags

CanvasWorks CO-25

CanvasWorks CO-28B

CanvasWorks CO-28C

CanvasWorks CO-29E

CanvasWorks CO-29G

CanvasWorks CO-30B

CanvasWorks CO-31A

CanvasWorks CO-31B

CanvasWorks CO-34

CanvasWorks CO-38A

CanvasWorks CO-40B

CanvasWorks CO-41B

CanvasWorks CO-43B

Yazzii Bags!!!

 Oval Bag, shown open

 Oval Bag in Green

Oval Bag in Navy

Oval Bag in Pink

Oval Bag in Purple

 Project Folder in Green

Project Folder in Navy
(shown with canvas inside, canvas not included)

 Project Folder in Pink

Project Folder in Purple

Supreme Organizer shown open

Supreme Organizer in Pink

Supreme Organizer in Purple


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