Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Annie Lee, Barbara Fox, Rebecca Wood, and Shelly Tribbey

More new canvases - 

 Annie Lee ABP-3

Annie Lee AF-5, comes with frame and fence below

Annie Lee AF-5 (canvas and frame)
 Annie Lee ASF-6, comes with shutter window below

 Annie Lee ASF-6 shutter window frame

 Barbara Russell 473

 Barbara Russell 474

 Barbara Russell 475

 Rebecca Wood 1012A

 Rebecca Wood 1012B

Rebecca Wood 1012C
 Rebecca Wood 1012D

 Rebecca Wood 1012E

 Rebecca Wood 1012F

 Rebecca Wood 1012G

 Rebecca Wood 1012H

 Rebecca Wood 1012I

 Rebecca Wood 1353A

 Rebecca Wood 1354

 Shelly Tribbey C-866

 Shelly Tribbey C-942

 Shelly Tribbey H-77

 Shelly Tribbey H-78

 Shelly Tribbey SK-107

Shelly Tribbey SK-110


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