Saturday, March 9, 2013

Artist Collection & Barrani Design Studios

Canvases from Artist Collection including Heartstrings, Mile High Princess, and Shear Creations; also a new designer to PFOS - Barrani Design Studios

Heartstrings HS-2417

 Heartstrings HS-2419

 Mile High Princess MHP-2661

Mile High Princess MHP-3000

Mile High Princess MHP-3007

Mile High Princess MHP-3013

 Mile High Princess MHP-3017

 Mile High Princess MHP-3018

Mile High Princess MHP-3021

Shear Creations DK-012

 Shear Creations LTC-002 (Laying Tool Container)

 Shear Creations SC-002 (Scissor Case)
A matching frame weight will be arriving soon to go with the laying tool container and the scissor case.

  Barrani Design Studios - HP13-712

Barrani Design Studios - HP18B-731-2

Barrani Design Studios - HP18-707-2


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