Thursday, November 1, 2012

Last Day of Halloween Sale

Today is the last day of our Halloween Sale.  Take advantage today before it is too late.  Receive 25% off in stock Halloween canvases.  Trunk show, special orders and Halloween clubs are not included in this sale.  Here are the last of the in stock Halloween canvases.

Gimmies HALC-157

Gimmies HALM-121

Mile High Princess MHP-2473

Mile High Princess MHP-2551

Mile High Princess MHP-2552

Mile High Princess MHP-2611

Mile High Princess MHP-2619

Mile High Princess MHP-2640

Mile High Princess MHP-2664

Quail Run Pumpkins

Melissa Shirley MLT-29

Melissa Shirley MLT-31

KS Designs MO-154

Renaissance MP-101

Renaissance MP-136

Melissa Shirley 1234-E

Melissa Shirley 1339-B

Melissa Shirley 1339-G

Melissa Shirley 701-G

Melissa Shirley 480-F

Melissa Shirley 575-A

Melissa Shirley 700-B

Melissa Shirley MLT-28

Amy's Murder Us Martini

Needle Deeva 453-F

Needle Deeva 453-I

Needle Deeva 467-C

Needle Deeva 467-D

Needle Deeva 467-E

Needle Deeva 467-G

Needle Deeva 467-H

Needle Deeva 467-J

The Point of It All Designs CR-11

KS Designs PW-174

Robbyn's Nest R-756

Robbyn's Nest R-757A

Robbyn's Nest R-759

Renaissance MP-128

Renaissance TT-148/3

Renaissance TT-154

Renaissance TT-180

Renaissance TT-181A

Ruth Schmuff 8217

Ruth Schmuff 8223

Renaissance DTH-102IA

Renaissance TOH-103

Renaissance TOH-105

Julia's S-74

KS Designs SH-210

Sandy Jenkins 183

NM Arts 1118

Sandy Jenkins 759

Squiggee 5144

Renaissance SR-113

Renaissance SR-119

KS Designs ST-310

Shelly Tribbey ST-01

Renaissance TT-229

Renaissance TT-142E

Renaissance TT-142B

Renaissance TT-148/12

Renaissance TT-149E

Renaissance TT-149R

Renaissance TT-155

Renaissance TT-158

Renaissance TT-181B

Renaissance TT-181E

Renaissance TT-184

Renaissance TT-223

Quail Run WW-121

Sew Much Fun Witch

Zecca ZE-99

Give us a call or send us an email to order your favorite at 25% off.  Today is the LAST DAY of the Halloween sale.

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