Monday, July 30, 2012


A few snowmen -
Melissa Shirley 445A

Melissa Shirley 445E

A. Bradley ab107

A. Bradley ab178

A. Bradley ab237

A Collection of Designs 1434

A Collection of Designs 1441

A Collection of Designs 1603

A Collection of Designs 1605

A Collection of Design 1606

A Collection of Designs 1610

A Collection of Designs 1693

A Collection of Designs 2311

A Collection of Designs 2312

A Collection of Designs 2313

Associated Talents CT659-12

Associated Talents DL-570

Cheryl Schaeffer LCST-13

Cheryl Schaeffer LCX-20

Cheryl Schaeffer LCX-77

Danji LK-03

Danji LK-34

Danji LK-39

Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-57

Heartstrings HS5601

Heartstrings HS5716

KS Designs CM-244

KS Designs CO-602

KS Designs CO-602b

Mile High Princess 101

Mile High Princess 2606

Mile High Princess 2607

Mile High Princess 2609

Mile High Princess 2610

Melissa Shirley MLT-10A

Melissa Shirley MLT-10B

Elizabeth Turner MX-168a

NeedleDeeva 1304

NeedleDeeva 1329

NeedleDeeva 1330

NeedleDeeva 1332

NeedleDeeva 1337

NeedleDeeva 1342

NeedleDeeva 1345A

NeedleDeeva 1345B

NeedleDeeva 1345C

NeedleDeeva 1345D

NeedleDeeva 1345E

NeedleDeeva 1345F

NeedleDeeva 1360D

Needle Graphics

Oak Tree RP1

Oak Tree RP2

Oak Tree RP5

Oak Tree RP6

Oak Tree RP9

Oak Tree RP10

Oak Tree SN03

Oak Tree SN07

Oak Tree SNO12

Oak Tree SNO13

Oak Tree SNO14

Oak Tree SNO16

Oak Tree SNO18

Oak Tree SNO20

Painted Pony 595ba

Painted Pony 595bb

Painted Pony 598ab

Painted Pony 820ao

Rebecca Wood 72-E

Rebecca Wood 72-F

Elizabeth Turner XO-101R

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