Thursday, May 3, 2012

CanvasWorks Trunk Show - Larger Pieces

These larger pieces exclusively from CanvasWorks are stunning!  Check them out for yourself.

AP 36

PO 11

PO 11A

PO 15B

PO 18

PO 19B

PO 20

PO 22A

PO 22B

PO 23 insert

PO 23

PO 24A

PO 24B

PO 28

PO 29B

PO 30

PO 32

PO 34A

PO 34C

PO 35A

PO 35B

PO 38


PO 4

PO 40 insert

PO 41B insert

PO 9A no borders

PO 66A

PO 103A KP

PO 103A

PO 103A

PO 103B KP

PO 103B insert

PO 104A KP

PO 104A

PO 104B KP

PO 104B

PO 106A

PO 106B

PO 108 KP

PO 110A

PO 111

PO 114A

PO 114B

PO 42B

PO 43C

PO 45B

PO 47B insert

PO 49A

PO 49D

PO 53B

PO 54 round

PO 54A

PO 54B


PO 57A


PO 57B

PO 58 KP

PO 58

PO 64B

PO 66B

PO 68A

PO 68B

PO 71A

PO 74A insert

PO 75B

PO 83A

PO 86

PO 87

PO 89B

PO 90B

PO 91A

PO 94A

PO 98

All CanvasWorks canvases are 20% off during the trunk show.

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