Thursday, April 7, 2011

Market finds!

Our recent trip to market resulted in a whole slew of new canvases. We took the time to picture each and every one of the designs we picked up on our trip. Take your time and look through these canvases - there are lots of them and we wouldn't want you to miss anything! We would be happy to send you a stitch guide and threads with any of these canvases.
Let us know what we can do for you!
And More CV22
And More CV25
And More CV39
And More CV41
Alice Peterson X31
Alice Peterson 2149
Alice Peterson 2158
Associated Talents 765
Associated Talents M175
Betsy B. TR1
Betsy B. TR2
Betsy B. TR3
Betsy B. TR4d
Betsy B. TR5
Birds of a Feather AS503
Birds of a Feather AS701
Birds of a Feather AS706
Birds of a Feather AS708
Birds of a Feather AS710
Birds of a Feather AS714
Birds of a Feather ND813
Birds of a Feather ND814
Boots Bailey
Boots Bailey
Boots Bailey
Boots Bailey
Boots Bailey
Boots Bailey
Boots Bailey
Canvas Connection CH351U
Canvas Connection SI326
Canvas Connection SI326E
Canvas Connection SI326P
Cooper Oaks CBC801
Danji LB21
Danji LB38
Danji LB47
DC Designs d0102
DC Designs D8113
DC Designs Bright Flowers
Diane Dirks "&"
Diane Dirks "@"
Diane Dirks "!"
Denise DeRusha 477
Denise DeRusha 489
Denise DeRusha 497
Denise DeRusha 503
Denise DeRusha 505
Dupree 806
Dupree 819
Fiori F3616
Fiori F3630
Raymond Crawford HO278
Raymond Crawford HO282
Raymond Crawford HO299
Raymond Crawford HO325
Raymond Crawford HO342
Raymond Crawford HO604
Raymond Crawford HO607
Raymond Crawford HO608
Raymond Crawford HO614
J. Child BHM100
J. Child CTR209
J. Child DHG Giraffe
Jude T13
Leigh 6214
Leigh 6217
Leigh 6230
Leigh 6235
Tapestry Tent Santa March
Little Shoppe CH8 (Top Hat)
Little Shoppe CH14 (Santa Hat)
Needle Deeva 150G
Needle Deeva 722A
Needle Deeva 722C
Needle Deeva 722D
Needle Deeva 1017C
Patti Mann 5404
Patti Mann 5408
Patti Mann 9115
Point of it All Designs Bright Geometric
Point of it All Designs small Bright Geometrics
Point of it All Designs CR11
Point of it All Designs HO01
Point of it All Designs HO02
Point of it All Designs HO03
Point of it All Designs HO04
Point of it All Designs HO08
Point of it All Designs HO12
Point of it All Designs HO13
Painted Pony 996EA
Painted Pony 996FM
Painted Pony 999utx03
Sew Much Fun Poinsettias
Sew Much Fun Christmas Trees
Sharon G HD02
Sharon G HD05
Sharon G HD07
Sundance TMHRT
Whimsy and Grace 11830a
Whimsy and Grace 12230
Whimsy and Grace 12234
Whimsy and Grace 12239
What's The Point 203F (earmuffs)
What's The Point (earmuffs)
 What's The Point (earmuffs)
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