Wednesday, March 2, 2011

PJ Party Pictures

Our second PFOS Pajama Party was a success! Everyone got a lot of stitching done, we handed out some neat prizes and ate tons of DELICIOUS food!
Everyone voted on who had the cutest pj's. Betsy and Lisa tied for first place! Congratulations, ladies!
Beth and Tina were busy stitching their ornaments. Joan was working on a mini stocking and Martha was stitching a big stocking!
Betsy was stitching this little Amanda Lawford ornament.
Lisa, Robin and Button were hard at work on their needlepoint projects.
Everyone is in love with Julia's reindeer ornament from Rebecca Wood!
Megan is stitching "Keep Calm and Stitch On" for the store. It is going to be a great model!
Nancy is stitching this little piece for her dog, Skeet.
Robin was working on "Blessings". This piece is GORGEOUS!
Sharon was stitching another cute little piece for her new grandbaby!
We had a great time at the pajama party. We hope to have another party very soon, so if you missed this one you can still make it to the next event!
We would love to hear from you! Give us a call or send us an e-mail any time.

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  1. These are quite nice PJ party pictures. I am impressed to see these photos here. At some local party Venues in San Francisco I will host a fun vintage themed bash for my parents. Actually their 30th anniversary is coming and we want to throw a surprise bash for them.


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