Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Finishing Day!

Tracy's awesome witch hat from Melissa Shirley came back today - love it!!!
Tracy added these flowers as embellisment on the brim. Great job Tracy!
Vicki's Southwestern piece from Raymond Crawford came back today, and it looks sooooo good!
This boxed stand-up shows off Vicki's wonderful stitching.
Janie has stitched almost all of the Oak Tree Santas. The crazy-quilted hat is so much fun!
Jennie's Jack-o-Lantern is so cute finished as a hanging ornament.
Wowee Winslow! Your flamingos are hilarious - this pillow is a store favorite!
Judith's wild witch has some major flair with her crazy hair and blue eyeshadow.
Check out Raymond Crawford's cable car finished as a card box. It is so festive for Christmas!
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