Thursday, June 3, 2010

Guest Blogger: Robin Givens

Hi Everyone!

This is my first EVER blog & I was SO excited and honored when Megan & Anna asked me if I would be a guest blogger for PFOS!!!!
I suppose I should start by introducing myself, I'm Robin Givens, aka "the cabinet lady." I started my own company, Kitchens Perfected, the same time that Megan & Anna were becoming the new owners of PFOS, so I feel a special kinship with them. This kinship also, unfortunately for them, results in frequent bombardment of my "brilliant ideas!" (Don't y'all think it would be fun to have a shop dog, or cat named STITCH!?!?!!?)
I started stitching in March of 2008. I was a cross-stitcher and wandered into PFOS for a skein of DMC 444. Well..... that was the end of that! I took a beginner class with Rhea, very similar to the one coming up, so if you've been thinking about it....DO IT! I've been stitching & collecting ever since! It's amazing how quickly a stash can build up! I now have a closet devoted to my needlepoint. HEY! No judging! It's not a WALK-IN closet! :D
I'm also the PROUD mom to 2 dogs, Hilary-Jean & Hartley Sue and 2 cats, Hoch & Henry. There is a part of them stitched into every piece I do & I'm sure they will be incorporated into my blog spots!
Here are a couple of my favorite pieces I've finished stitching. There are a lot more that I've started and I will share my progress with you! This stocking is one of those pieces. This one has a deadline, so if you see me in the shop, be sure to ask how it's coming! I'll keep y'all posted!!!!
Happy Stitching!


If you would like to know more about any of the canvases Robin is working on give us a call or send us an e-mail. We would love to hear from you!


  1. From one Robin to another Robin... welcome. Love your stitching. Great blog entry. Looking forward to more. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Robin,
    Thank you so much! I'm loving every stitch of it! I found and have really enjoyed looking through your blog as well!
    Thank you & happy stitching!

  3. Love your cute blog! I'm next! I think we have similar love for needlepoint and stitching bravery....can't wait to meet you at the pajama party if not sooner! Your pieces are beautiful! Love it!

    Suzanne Hicks


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