Tuesday, July 31, 2018

July Sale - LAST DAY! All other In-stock!

Today is the last day of July and the last day of our July Sale!!!
These are all remaining in-stock canvases -- a few left off from blogs made through the month.

In Stock Canvases -- 30% off
Special Order Canvases -- 20% off
(excludes club canvases)

 & More BECK-103

Annie Lane Red Chair

A Poore Girl Paints APBU-09

Associated Talents D-1419

Associated Talents ST-630

Burnett & Bradley 1336

Burnett & Bradley 2937

Burnett & Bradley 6062

Burnett & Bradley 6104

Burnett & Bradley 6105

 Barbara Elmore Tassel A

Barbara Elmore Tassel B

Barbara Elmore Tassel C

Canvas Art by Barbi 113

Canvas Art by Barbi 115

Canvas Art by Barbi 703

Canvas Art by Barbi 2207

CBK Needlepoint EG-SS19

CBK Needlepoint SB-PL06

Cooper Oaks LR-3018A

Colors of Praise BG-111

Colors of Praise CH-718

Colors of Praise EY-116

 Colors of Praise M-129

Colors of Praise MC-307

 Colors of Praise MC-321

Colors of Praise MC-322

Colors of Praise MC-448

Cheryl Schaeffer CK-2

Cheryl Schaeffer EEK

Cheryl Schaeffer ELF

 Cheryl Schaeffer Pig Purse

Cheryl Scheaffer Santa Skating Snow Globe

Cheryl Schaeffer BREW Wine Topper

Cheryl Schaeffer Cake Wine Topper

Cheryl Schaeffer Snowflakes Wine Topper

Danji CH-240

Danji CHKS-03

Danji CHKS-05

Danji EA-05

Danji NP-07

Danji NP-08

Danji NP-09

Danji NP-10

Danji NP-11

Danji NP-12

Danji ZIA-01

Danji ZIA-05

Danji ZIA-09

Danji ZIA-28

Danji ZIA-34

Danji ZIA-65

Danji ZIA-67

Denise DeRusha 510

DJ DEsigns DL-972

The Meredith Collection C-502A

The Meredith Collection C-502D

The Meredith Collection C-502F

The Meredith Collection C-506B

The Meredith Collection C-506F

 The Meredith Collection C-508I

The Meredith Collection XO-185-7

 The Meredith Collection XO-185-10

Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-379KB

Funda Scully FS-Love Thanksgiving

Hilary Jean Designs JFF-002-18

Hilary Jean Designs JFF-003-18

HIlary Jean Designs S-004-18

Hilary Jean Designs S-006-18

Judy Keenan JKNA-047

JL Canvas Company CR-010

Julie Mar 181501

Julie Mar KL-171

Kirk & Bradley KB-232

Kirk & Bradley KB-235

 Kathy Schenkel CO-252

Kathy Schenkel SA-125

Lee's Needle Arts KB-52

 Leigh Designs 7211

Leigh Designs 7212

Leigh Designs 7213

Leigh Designs 7214

Lee Designs 7215

Leigh Designs 7216

Leigh Designs 7217

Leigh Designs 7613

Laura Wheeler 6338

Love You More LF-02

Painted Pony/Mary Engelbreit ME-SQ04

Mile High Princess MHP-1708

 Mindy 2308-13

MM Designs 7XR3

MM Designs 8XR3

Melissa Prince A-108

Melissa Prince A-114

Melissa Prince A-148

Melissa Prince A-195

Melissa Shirley 1431-2A

Melissa Shirley 1947

Machelle Somerville MS-033

Machelle Somerville MS-079

Pointe 2 Point B-1 Wine Bag

Pointe 2 Point B-Vino Wine Bag

Pointe 2 Point DC-09

Princess & Me C-895

Pippin P-NI-015

Pippin P-CL-SI-004

Pippin P-CLS-002

Pippin P-SI-003

Pippin P-SI-008

Pippin P-SI-014

Patti Mann 22112

Painted Pony 100-AB

Painted Pony 351-AG

Painted Pony MC-SL02

Painted Pony TB-CN03

Painted Pony TB-PT04

Painted Pony TB-PV02

Painted Pony TB-PV03

Painted Pony TB-TR01

 Painted Pony TB-TR02

Purple Palm 1401

Purple Palm SW-109

Purple Palm SW-110

Quarter Stitch Red Fleur de Lis

Raymond Crawford HO-950

Robbyn's Nest R-706

Robbyn's Nest R-1129

Ruth Schmuff 5018

Rebecca Wood 1047-A

Rebecca Wood 1047-B

Rebecca Wood 1047-C

Rebecca Wood 1047-D

Rebecca Wood 1047-E

Rebecca Wood 1048-C

Rebecca Wood 1387

Shear Creations TRE-011

Sharon G GS-644

Stitch Its 96-K

Susan Roberts 1051

Cheryl Schaeffer STITCH

Sundance TL-003

Sundance TL-005

Sundance TL-006

Sundance TL-007

The Collection SB-955

The Point of It All Designs I-1A

The Point of It All Designs XO-240

The Point of It All Designs XO-241

Two Sisters SQ-60P

 Whimsy & Grace 12831

Zecca ZE-221

Zecca ZE-222

Zecca ZE-469

Zecca ZE-471

Zecca ZE-473

Zecca ZE-474


We are happy to hold canvases until the end of the month.
We will charge in-stock canvases at the time of ordering.
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