Thursday, July 11, 2019

July Sale - Christmas Houses, Light bulbs, Mittens, & Presents

July sale details -

In stock canvases - 30% discount
Special Order canvases - 20% discount
Club canvases are excluded.

We are happy to hold canvases until the end of the month.
We will charge canvases each day.

Christmas Houses
Burnett & Bradley BB-3174

 Danji CH-05

Dream House Ventures F-3723

Julia's Needleworks S-290

Labors of Love LL-603C

Melissa Shirley 1914-B

Melissa Shirley 1914-D

Melissa Shirley 1914-E

Melissa Shirley 2117-A

Melissa Shirley 2117-D

Melissa Shirley 2117-E

Princess & Me C-920

Pinka PK-101

Strictly Christmas COCH-06

Sew Much Fun Candy Cane Birdhouse

Susan Roberts 5507

Susan Roberts 5509

Susan Roberts 5525

Susan Roberts 6254

Susan Roberts 6256

Susan Roberts 6257

Winnetka 406-A

Winnetka 406-B

Winnetka 406-F

Winnetka 406-G

Winnetka 738-A

Winnetka 738-B

Winnetka 739-K

Winnetka 739-N

Winnetka 660-B

Light Bulbs 
 Associated Talents CT-1951A

Associated Talents CT-1951B

Associated Talents CT-1951L

Associated Talents CT-1951O

Associated Talents CT-1951P

Associated Talents CT-1951U

Burnett & Bradley BB-2739

Burnett & Bradley BB-3145

Burnett & Bradley BB-3149

Danji CH-277

Danji CH-278

Danji CH-281

 Associated Talents CT-1851

Associated Talents CT-1852

Associated Talents CT-1853P

 Associated Talents CT-1854

Associated Talents CT-1854G

Associated Talents CT-1859

Associated Talents CT-1864

Associated Talents CT-1869

Associated Talents CT-1870

Associated Talents CT-1873

Associated Talents CT-1874

Associated Talents CT-1875

Associated Talents CT-1883

Associated Talents CT-1884

Associated Talents CT-1887

 Burnett & Bradley BB-6175

Burnett & Bradley BB-6176

MAP Designs 214-A

 Patricia Sone HC-14

The Meredith Collection XO-146X

The Meredith Collection XO-147S

The Meredith Collection XO-147Y

Winnetka 787-A

Winnetka 787-B

Winnetka 787-C

Winnetka 787-D

 Alice Peterson X-286

BB Needlepoint CB-19

Brenda Stofft B-320D

Brenda Stofft B-386D

Brenda Stofft B-386D

Danji CH-156

Kelly Clark KCN-909-18

Melissa Shirley 1725-B

Melissa Shirley 1725-C

Melissa Shirley 1725-F

Melissa Shirley 1781-C

Melissa Shirley 1781-F

Melissa Shirley 1781-G

NeedleDeeva 1343-L

Princess & Me C-907

Patti Mann 22027

Strictly Christmas COCH-08

The Collection CH-292B

The Collection CH-292K

The Meredith Collection XO-197C

The Meredith Collection XO-197D


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